Ultimate Fighter Season 7 Episode #3


Jackson wins the opening toss and decides to choose the first fighter, with Griffin getting to pick the first fight. Jackson opts for CB Dollaway for his first overall pick, with Griffin taking Tim Credeur with his first pick. When the dust settles, here are the teams:

Mike Dolce
Daniel Cramer
CB Dollaway
Paul Bradley
Matthew Riddler
Gerald Harris
Jeremy May
Brandon Sene

Tim Credeur
Amir Sadollah
Jesse Taylor
Matt Brown
Cale Yarbrough
Dante Rivera
Nick Klein
Luke Zachrich

Before Griffin picks the first fight of the final 16 man elimination tournament, it comes to Team Rampage’s attention that one of their fighters, Paul Bradley, has broken out with what looks to be some kind of rash on his neck. Coach Jackson, along with his assistants, Zack Light and Juanito Ibarra, put the team through their paces while Bradley works out on the side of the gym, not wanting to infect his teammates.

Later, dermatologist Dr. Jason Michaels checks Bradley out and determines that he has a form of herpes simplex that may be contagious. After much deliberation, UFC President Dana White decides that he has to send Bradley home.

“I can’t leave,” said Bradley. “I gave up a lot for this.”

White understands Bradley’s emotions, but says “personally and legally, I can’t do this,” due to safety concerns for the other fighters. After Bradley leaves, it is then decided that Boston’s Pat Schultz will come back to the house as a member of Team Rampage.

While this drama is playing out, Team Forrest is getting in their own workout, with Griffin bringing in assistants Cameron Diffley and Mark Beecher, as well as UFC lightweight rising star Gray Maynard. “Know inside that you won’t quit on yourself,” Griffin tells his charges.

For the first fight, Griffin sends in Jesse Taylor against Team Rampage’s Mike Dolce. The 31-year old Dolce is confident of victory, but it’s Taylor who takes control early with his takedowns and groundwork. Dolce, game throughout, continually escapes seemingly certain defeat, but he can’t mount an offensive to stop Taylor’s attack. By round two, Taylor moves in for the kill and he ends the bout with a rear naked choke to eliminate Dolce from the competition.


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