Iron Ring - Episode #6 (BET)

Iron Ring episode 1

Caution...skip to video to avoid spoiler....

The middleweight fight between Daniel Akinyemi and Derek Strong was the highlight of the show. Before the fight, Strong said that an MMA match should be won with a decisive victory, either a tap out or knock out. Failing to break himself free of Strong’s arm bar, Akinyemi gave Strong a body slam that rocked the ring. Landing on his shoulder and head, Strong was left in a daze, and it seemed he was having trouble moving his head.

Although Akinyemi was able to walk away from the fight, his win wasn’t a clean one. Strong’s arm bar managed to seriously injure Akinyemi whose arm hung off his shoulder like dead weight. Both fighters received medical attention after the most dangerous fight yet in the Iron Ring.

Hopefully, Strong isn’t eating his own words too hard. He possibly broke Akinyemi’s arm…or maybe not. When Akinyemi slammed Strong, his arm was still locked in the arm bar. Maybe Akinyemi’s own slam caused the injury? He saw a moment to capitalize and took it. Was it worth a broken arm? These fighters know what they’re getting into, but what do you think?


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