UFC rates the top ten Best – The Top Knockouts of 2007

An excerpt written by By Thomas Gerbasi on UFC.COM

Nothing ignites a crowd like a spectacular knockout, and 2007 had its share of great ones. Of course, nothing that happened can touch the KO that checks in at number one for the year, but the rest of the top ten was pretty impressive in its own right.

10 - UFC 75 – September 8 – Houston Alexander TKO1 Alessio Sakara
As a former pro boxer, you would have expected that Sakara was going to test Alexander’s standup in his second UFC bout. But as soon as Sakara ate some of the Nebraskan’s thunder, the Italian shot for a takedown. Alexander threw him off like a ragdoll and moments later he effectively ended the fight with a knee to the head.

9 - UFC 77 – October 20 – Anderson Silva TKO2 Rich Franklin
It wasn’t one blow that ended Silva’ rematch with Franklin, but the wide array of techniques displayed by the UFC middleweight champion were a thing of beauty, and left Franklin not only defenseless, but with a look on his face wondering what the best pound for pound fighter in the world was going to unleash on him next.

8 – UFC Fight Night – September 19 - Nate Quarry KO3 Pete Sell
If Nate Quarry thought his return to the Octagon after close to two years was going to be easy, the first few bombs he took from Pete Sell erased that notion. But over the course of the next two-plus rounds, both fighters gave as good as they got, with Quarry finally ending the brutal slugfest with a huge right hand in the third.

7 - TUF6 finale – December 8 – Jon Koppenhaver TKO3 Jared Rollins
TUF 6 castmates and buddies Koppenhaver and Rollins tore at each other with a savage ferocity in their welterweight bout, but when one fighter seemed to be on his way out, the other would roar back. And that’s how the fight ended, as Koppenhaver survived what looked to be a finishing flurry from his foe, reversed position, and landed a series of punches that halted the bout and left the

6 – UFC Fight Night – September 19 - Chris Leben KO3 Terry Martin
It wasn’t the fight of the year that everyone expected going in, but in the third round, Leben and Martin let the bombs go. When Martin scored with a right hand, Leben staggered back to the fence in serious trouble. Martin raised his hands, apparently sure of victory, and moved in for the kill. Leben, knowing no other way to fight, waded in with haymakers of his own, and a single left hook laid Martin out in a spectacular turnaround.

The top five can be viewed at ufc.com


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